Six Months Later: Bu Quach Still Missing

Missing signs still hang in the area of Ocean Acres. Still no sign of Bu Quach. (Photo by Jason Allentoff)

STAFFORD – Today marks six months since Bu Quach went missing. Quach has not been seen since November 2, 2018 when he disappeared from his Manahawkin nursing home.

  The search continues, but no new information has come to light, Stafford Police confirmed.

  On November 2, 65-year old left on foot through a basement door at the Manahawkin Nursing & Rehabilitation Center where he was residing. Despite community and police searches, his whereabouts remain a mystery. 

  On May 1, Stafford Police Lieutenant James Vaughn told Jersey Shore Online, “Unfortunately, there is no new or additional information about Mr. Bu Quach from the past few months. However, the case is open and we do not consider it a cold case.”

  Jersey Shore Online last checked in with police activity in the search back in February. The news was the same then as it is today: no new leads or developments have been made.

  Vaughn also noted that police have not conducted any recent searches.

  However, this is not the case for some avid community members, intent on locating Quach whether he is alive or not.   

  On May 1, April Christine, a Manahawkin resident and member of the Bu Quach search party, updated the Help Find Bu Quach Facebook page.

“It’s been 6 months. Anything & everything is a possibility as to where Mr. Quach might be and/or what condition he is in. So please, we can’t stress this enough, if found or even if you think it’s him CALL 911 or Stafford Township Police (609) 597.8581!” read Christine’s post.

  Christine encouraged everyone to continue searching, advising that they “talk to people…Continue to check around your homes or place you may be.”

  She also pointed out that, in the last six months, Quach’s clothes might have changed from what he was last seen wearing. 

  Quach is described as an Asian male, 5’3”, approximately 120 pounds with shaved short hair although it had been grown out a bit, a goatee and was last seen wearing a red t-shirt, dark gray sweatpants and a yellow wristband.

  Quach suffers from dementia, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

  Jonathan Quach, Bu Quach’s son, recognizes that it is mainly the community that is keeping the search for his father active.  

  “Last I heard police were back tracking and made sure they didn’t miss anything. And still waiting for legitimate sightings but there has been none. That was months ago,” Jonathan told Jersey Shore Online. “Nursing home will not say anything I believe it’s due to legal actions we’re pursuing.”

  Quach’s family is currently pursuing legal action against the Manahawkin Nursing & Rehabilitation Center with the end goal of shutting it down “so this cannot happen to anyone else,” Jonathan said.

  Although the family was told shutting down the facility would be “nearly impossible,” Jonathan has hope, noting that “many people from that community feel that it should be shut down. There’s been so many incidents there. But I just wanna shine light that this place is not safe for anyone.”

  Quach’s disappearance and the subsequent searches have been a hardship on the family, especially as they care for their ill mother, but they continue to hold out hope.

  “We just pray that he’s somewhere safe and we’re thankful for the community that’s still with in this with us since this all began. We’ve never expected this much love and support from them…We believe he’s out there on his own,” said Jonathan.

In the meantime, the search continues. Those who wish to be more active in finding Bu Quach can join the Help Find Bu Quach Facebook page.

  Anyone with information can contact the Stafford Township Police Department at 609-597-8581.