Rip Current Did Not Cause Drowning Death In Surf City

Photo courtesy Surf City Police

SURF CITY – The death of a 55-year-old man due to a rip current turned out to be incorrect information.

Several media outlets, including Jersey Shore Online, were given erroneous information after the incident on July 4th.

According to a report in The Sandpaper, Michael Scienski was rescued by lifeguards after losing consciousness while standing on a sandbar at the Surf City Division Street beach.

Surf City Councilman Peter Hartney told Jersey Shore Online that administering CPR didn’t revive him. He was taken to Southern Ocean Medical Center where he was pronounced.

Although rip currents were not the cause, Hartney has this life-saving advice for all swimmers in the event you experience one. “The safest you can be is to only swim when and where lifeguards are on duty.” He added “Be aware that rip currents can happen without warning and if caught in one don’t panic and swim parallel to shore.”