Residents Can Share Surveillance Video With Cops

Photo courtesy of the Barnegat Police Department

BARNEGAT – Township police have started a voluntary registration that would allow residents’ home surveillance systems to be the eyes of the department.

The registration forms ask for the resident’s name, address, and how many days footage is saved. This information would be saved in a private database accessible only to police.

If there is an incident in a given neighborhood, police would go through the database and check to see if there are any video cameras in the area, a police spokesman said. They would then request to see the footage. That way, there could be a chance that they can get footage of a suspect. The idea for this came from a resident at a community meeting.

According to the registration form: “Sharing video footage with the Barnegat Police Department is entirely voluntary with each and every incident. Registering your system does not obligate you to share or review video footage, nor does it give the Barnegat Police Department access to your system.”

Interested parties can download a form at, and send it to