Popcorn Park Saves Swan In Distress

Photo courtesy Popcorn Park

  BRICK – After numerous attempts, members of the Popcorn Park Animal Refuge were able to save a swan who was suffering from a fish hook stuck in his neck.

  A Brick resident called the Popcorn Park Animal Refuge last week for assistance when she noticed a swan in distress.

  “We responded as we always do even to calls in towns that we do not service,” stated the animal refuge staff.

  Members made their way to Royal Drive and, with the help of a local resident and his boat, they proceeded to search all the lagoons that the swan frequented. They were unsuccessful in finding the swan until they reached Perch Creek, “and half way down there they were, mom and dad and their 3 cygnets.”

  Upon closer examination, they realized it was the dad swan that was in distress. He was stuck with a fish hook in his neck and fishing line wrapped up in his wings.

  “We threw some pellets in his direction and he started to come over, but not close enough, as he stayed about 30 feet from the boat. We realized that working from the boat wasn’t an option. He could swim fine and eat alright so we felt ok about regrouping and finding a better way to get him close enough grab,” read a post from Popcorn Park.

Photo courtesy Popcorn Park

  They returned on Monday after devising a new plan to help the swan. Working off the residents’ dock, they were able to get the swans closer with the promise of food.

  “The swan family came right over to eat, mom first, then her cygnets, the male was very hesitant and suspicious (again because of the fishing line and hook) therefore keeping his distance,” the post read.

  The staff was not able to hold their attention for long and the dad swan swam away with his family after they were fed. While the swan wasn’t in any immediate danger, they still wanted to remove the hook and line so that he could move around more easily.

  “All the residents were keeping a watchful eye and we asked them to go ahead and feed them but not too much, which would make the dad a little bit hungrier and maybe come closer when we came back,” they stated.

  It wasn’t until Wednesday that they finally reeled the dad swan close enough to the dock to grab. Enticing him with some whole corn, they were able to grab him and untangle the line and remove the hook.

  “We took care of the hook and line and released him back to his family, who watched and waited from about 25 feet away the whole time we were attending to their dad,” stated Popcorn Park staff.