Police Discontinue Search for Jax, Family Continues With New Help

Jax was recently seen. (Photo courtesy Stafford Township Animal Control Department)
Jax was recently seen. (Photo courtesy Stafford Township Animal Control Department)

  STAFFORD –After more than a week of searching for Jax, the missing dog lost during a recent crash near the Route 72 Bridge, Stafford Police announced that the department will no longer be working on rescuing the dog.

  A July 1 post to the department’s social media read: “The Stafford Township Police Department and Animal Control Department will no longer be posting regular updates regarding Jax…Jax’s family is now working with an independent organization in their attempts to rescue him.”

  Prior to this, the department’s most recent update on Jax’s whereabouts came on June 29. Police reported that Jax had been seen on cameras along the Cedar Bonnet Island Trail over the past several days.

  “Jax continues to eat and drink water, and appears to be in good health. The NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife has blocked off the trail where Jax has been sighted,” read the update.

  Although township resources will no longer be used to bring Jax home, Lt. James Vaughn of the Stafford Police noted that Animal Control is confident that the dog will be safely rescued through this method and was very encouraged by seeing him on the trail camera eating and drinking.

  As to why Jax’s family cannot just go after the dog themselves, Lt. Vaughn responded: “According to Animal Control, he is in “flight” mode and traumatized from the incident. They posted through the PD on Tuesday that prior to this incident, he already had fears of men, water, loud noises, etc., so he wouldn’t even come to his owners.”

  Police and animal control officials wish Jax’s family and the new organization the best of luck.

  “As far as animal rescues go, they are the professionals and have even brought in other animal rescue agencies who agree with their method to get Jax,” Vaughn added.