Pine Barrens Music Still Thrives In Wake Of COVID-19

The group Singin’ 4 Supper performs in the back of the Albert Music Hall. (Photo by William Clanton)

  WARETOWN – Originally started in the 1950s as a place for local musicians to jam and share their music, George and Joe Albert created a timeless community and local music effort that has continued to stand the test of time.

  The Albert Music Hall will continue operations outside in their back parking lot. Due to the threat of COVID-19, the Hall has decided to move its operations outdoors and continue the tradition. Starting on Saturday, Aug. 1, the hall held their first concert in this new outdoor setup and will continue indefinitely every Saturday; weather permitting of course. The hall is run by the Pinelands Cultural Society which is an all-volunteer, nonprofit, tax exempt, cultural and historical preservation society which has been in operation since 1974. Staying true to their roots, the Albert Music Hall will continue this tradition, even through a global pandemic. Their goal is to preserve the cultural history of the people and inhabitants of the “pinelands” in southern New Jersey.

The crowd followed CDC guidelines with social distancing and masks. (Photo by William Clanton)

  “Albert Hall doesn’t need any walls, because it’s not a building, a school, or a park … it’s a feeling. It’s the comradery and the togetherness of the people. It’s people getting together for a greater cause.” said Danielle Marrone Rozinski, who is a musician, public relations director for the Albert Music Hall, and Pinelands Cultural Society Archivist. “We’re just trying to make sure that the music and the culture lives on. It gives people hope; these people need a little hope.”

  The line-up for their first night saw a few local and very talented groups such as Singin’ 4 Supper, Custom Blend, the Banshee Brothers, the Basement Musicians and the Dusty Saddlebags. All of their musicians play solely on a volunteer basis.

  All are welcome and the Hall asks that all patrons abide by the social distancing guide set by the Centers for Disease Control and that a face covering is worn when walking about, buying raffle tickets or concessions, and especially when in close proximity to others. They also ask that patrons bring their own chairs and sit roughly 6 feet apart from each other. There are no rain dates, and they remind potential patrons to keep up to date via their Facebook page and website.

The group Singin’ 4 Supper performs in the back of the Albert Music Hall. (Photo by William Clanton)

  The Albert Music Hall survives solely on the money gathered from raffles, snacks, gifts, personal donations, and the help from volunteers. Entry to their shows is only a modest $5 donation at the gate, with no reservations. Bring the family and listen to the sweet sounds of the Pinelands country, folk, bluegrass, and so much more, every Saturday night from 6 to 9 p.m. Albert Music Hall is located at 131 Wells Mill Road (Rt. 532) in Waretown. For more information, visit their website at or find them on Facebook as AlbertMusicHall.