Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant Siren Test Set For June 5

Oyster Creek Siren (Photo by Jason Allentoff)

FORKED RIVER – No, there won’t be any reason to panic at noon on Tuesday, June 5th. It will only be a test. However, will you know what it is?

The Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant, which is set to cease operations in October of this year, will be conducting its semi-annual full-volume test of their emergency warning sirens.

Exelon Generation says in a press release that the sirens will be sounding for approximately three minutes at their full volume in the 10 mile radius surrounding the nation’s oldest nuclear plant.

In total, there are 42 sirens located in and around the area that are activated by Ocean County’s emergency management authorities. If this was an actual emergency, the sirens would sound to signal you to tune to a local Emergency Alert Broadcast TV or radio station.