MAGA Republicans Win Stafford Primary

Photo courtesy Stafford Conservatives

STAFFORD – The Stafford conservatives took home an election win on June 5, beating out the current Republican council members and Mayor John Spodofora by slim margins in the Primary Election.

MAGA Republican mayoral candidate Gregory Myhre came out on top against Spodofora with approximately 51.54 percent of votes. Myhre received 1,318 votes to Spodofora’s 1,232 votes (48.18 percent). The write-in option gained 7 votes, showing a total of 2,557 votes.

Not only this, but of the 12 council candidates, all six conservative council member candidates took favor.

The results:

  • Thomas Steadman: 1,314 votes
  • Anthony Guariglia: 1,291 votes
  • Michael Pfancook: 1,275 votes
  • George Williams: 1,253 votes
  • Robert Henken-Siefken: 1,243 votes
  • Paul Krier: 1,270 votes

These totals make up an approximate 52 percent majority for the MAGA Republican group.

The Republican candidates’ results:

  • Gordon “Rich” Carlson: 1,150 votes
  • Stephen Fessler: 1,166 votes
  • Raymond Fix: 1,164 votes
  • Paul Marchal: 1,157 votes
  • Sharon McKenna: 1,196 votes
  • David Taylor: 1,189 votes

There were also 7 votes for the write-in option, totaling 14,675 votes for council seats.

The Stafford Conservatives celebrated their win with a Facebook post, calling the victory “a sweep” noting that they are “humbled and honored.”