Local Radio DJ Makes a Dream Come True

Sandra Roberts with DJ Ray Ricci (Photo courtesy Bill Clanton, Jr.)

  BARNEGAT – Ray Ricci, the host of the Unforgettable Doowop Show on WBNJ 91.9 FM, receives many letters and phone calls from fans of his program. However, one correspondence stood out from the rest. 

  The letter came from 15-year-old Sandra Roberts of Barnegat. Sandra expressed her admiration for her favorite radio host and shared a large number of song requests.

The fact that a 15-year-old would be so into music from the late 50’s and early 60’s is remarkable enough, but what made this request even more special is that Sandra has Autism.

Before her mother introduced her to this radio show Sandra did not communicate or express herself well. After Sandra began listening and appreciating the music she opened up and was a different person. Listening to the Unforgettable Doowop Show on WBNJ became a weekly schedule not to be missed. 

Sandra Roberts (Photo courtesy Bill Clanton, Jr.)

  After learning more about Sandra, Radio show host Ray Ricci and WBNJ General Manager Bill Clanton Jr. decided to invite her and her family into the radio station for a tour. To Sandra’s surprise, she was not only coming in for a tour, but she was there to be a guest DJ on the Unforgettable Doowop Show. 


  During the show which aired April 26 Sandra was not shy about demonstrating her knowledge of the artists and songs. 

Sandra Roberts (Photo courtesy Bill Clanton, Jr.)

  “She knows this music almost better than me,” said DJ Ray Ricci the host of the Unforgettable Doowop Show.

  “This made for a memorable moment for Sandra, and I’m happy we were able to make it happen.” said Bill Clanton Jr. General Manager and Program Director of WBNJ 91.9 FM.