Lemonade Stand Operators “Ticketed” By Police

From L to R: Meadow Hanson, Sara Rosetti, Sophia Gojdics and Patrolman Kevin McKnight. (Photo courtesy Gina Hanson)

WARETOWN – A few young entrepreneurs were recently “ticketed” by an officer from the Ocean Township Police Department. No, they weren’t running an illegal lemonade stand and they weren’t in any trouble. The ticket was for free ice cream awarded to them for their good deed and dedication to their community.

According to resident Gina Hanson, her daughter Meadow Hanson and her friends Sara Rosetti and Sophia Gojdics were braving the sweltering heat, selling lemonade when they were visited by Patrolman Kevin McKnight.

Although the trio offered him a glass on the house, he insisted on donating money and gave them the ticket. Hanson told Jersey Shore Online that “he appreciated the gesture and they were excited to receive the ticket.”