Lacey Discusses Budget Concerns

Lacey Town Hall (Photo courtesy of Lacey Township)

LACEY – The planning for how the closure of Oyster Creek Generating Station might impact the future township budgets was again a resident concern during a recent budget discussion before the township committee.

The Township Committee discussed the Oyster Creek Generating Station and other factors of the 2017 budget at the January 26 committee meeting.

Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant File Photo (Courtesy of Exelon)

Going into this budget year, Mayor Peter Curatolo said that the status quo for Lacey is to spend responsibly and bond responsibly. He also credited the department heads for being very successful in going out for grants  A resident asked about Oyster Creek, and what the town’s plan is to replace this large ratable for when the plant is totally decommissioned.

Curatolo said the decommissioning process will take at least 8 to 10 years. The tax income from that site was never going to drop to zero immediately.

“We believe there is taxable value in spent fuel” and infrastructure and lines, he said.

Officials said they are looking to replace that facility with another, but there is nothing definite in the near future.

Committeeman Gary Quinn said the township receives a franchise tax payment of $11 million a year for the entire time that it is decommissioning.

“According to Trenton, we will have it indefinitely,” Quinn said. However, Trenton sometimes changes its mind.

Committeeman Tim McDonald said Oyster Creek’s owners applied for a decades-long decommission. They could be here a very, very long time.

In other news, the township retained the firm of Dasti, Murphy, McGuckin, Ulaky, Koutsouris & Connors for use as a hearing officer. They would be used in an as-needed basis when a hearing officer is needed.