JCP&L Will Be Trimming Trees Near Lacey Substation

(Photo by Khari Hayden,

LACEY – Lacey residents, take note: Jersey Central Power & Light will be trimming trees near the Lacey substation beginning on or about Jan. 9.

JCP&L contractors will be performing distribution line clearance tree trimming along company rights-of-way near this substation.  Work will include:

  • Limb trimming to provide four years of clearance from electric wires
  • Selective removal of limbs overhanging the electric conductors
  • Removal of hazard trees

According to JCP&L, all tree removals are performed in accordance with easement rights or with consent of the property owner.

“JCP&L contractors are qualified line clearance tree workers trained in OSHA safety standards, as well as, in proper pruning techniques developed by the National Arborists Association.  Contracted tree crews will be following a pruning technique that is often referred to as directional or lateral pruning,” stated the company.

Additional notice will be provided in the weeks prior to trimming.