Fake Babies And Stolen Yogurt Accusations Prove False

Patricia Larkin (Photo courtesy Patricia Larkin)

  LACEY – You’ve heard of fake news but fake infants?

  When resident Patricia Larkin recently visited her local Aldi store with her young daughter she never realized she’d be accused of having a bogus baby as a ruse to smuggle yogurt containers out of the grocery store.

  Larkin reported in the community Facebook group Lacey Township Chatter that during her shopping trip she was informed that a woman made the wild accusation to store cashier.

  While tired from a few nights of restless sleep due to her two-month-old child she reacted by having fun with the situation and posted a smiling picture of herself holding her sleeping daughter while in the store in front of the Aldi logo.

  She took the ridiculous situation in stride posting “thank you for the laugh. My baby is 100% real. Yogurts are like $.25 at Aldi, I’m lactose intolerant and don’t consume any dairy at all.”

  The cashier was equally baffled as well as amused by the situation according to Larkin. Larkin’s daughter started to cry while the conversation between Larkin and the cashier went on. That probably wasn’t due to the allegations of not being real. It is just what babies do at times.

  Once posted, it didn’t take long for the entire escapade to go viral and township residents were equally quick to put their two cents in on the saga.

  Some remarked how cute Larkin’s fake child was while another respondent thought the accusation should have replaced yogurt with a “butterball turkey.”

  The proud mom has interpreted the incident to be a bit of a compliment. Was her beautiful daughter simply seen as a doll? Perhaps so but as far as the young mom is concerned, she’s a living doll.