Deer Saved From Lagoon At Leaming’s Marina

Photo courtesy Waretown Fire Department

OCEAN – Ocean Township Police and Waretown Fire Company teamed up yesterday to save two deer from the water at Leaming’s Marina.

Upon arrival, they discovered that two deer had fallen into the lagoon in the early morning hours. “One deer was free swimming the lagoon and the other trapped behind the bulked and two pilings,” stated Waretown Fire’s social media post.

Animal Control also responded to the scene and, alongside Ocean Township Police, they freed the trapped deer to prevent its injury or drowning from exhaustion.

Photo courtesy Waretown Fire Department

The deer “then was able to swim uninjured and meet up with her companion giving a new meaning to local summer!” stated the post.

Waretown fire officials commented that the deer were “surprisingly good swimmers.” They were removed safely from the water by animal control.

Officials remind the public that now is a time when deer begin to act “a little oddly” and urges everyone to practice caution while driving or near frightened animals.

Photo courtesy Waretown Fire Department