Controlled Burn In Southern Ocean County

Photo by Bill Clanton, Jr.

BARNEGAT – Barnegat Police advised residents that the NJ Forest Fire Service is performing a controlled burn in the area of Wells Mills Park today.

“Some smoke may drift into Barnegat,” stated the Nixle alert.

Chief Keith Germain noted that the burn should be ongoing until later this afternoon today, however the department is uncertain of how large an area they are burning.

In the event you see smoke, police assure you it is no danger.


This is done in part to help prevent the formation of a wildfire through controlled conditions, by burning off underbrush. Underbrush are the small shrubs and trees, along with grass and leaves, that form within the undergrowth in a forest. These act as the kindling and “fuel” of the fire. Limiting this “fuel” greatly limits the chance of wildfire spreading. This also greatly reduces the intensity of possible fires and allows for effective fire suppression and protection.

For more on controlled burns, read William Clanton’s story from earlier this year.