Bear Spotted In Manahawkin, Walks Around, Climbs Tree

Photo courtesy Stafford Township Police

MANAHAWKIN – Don’t feed the bear and stay away from him/her. That’s the message township police want to get out after several sightings of a black bear today.

  The first sighting was at approximately 10:30 a.m. Stafford Township Police received a report of a black bear sighting near the Manahawkin Regal Cinema from someone driving by. 

  Stafford Township Patrol, Stafford Township Animal Control, and the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife were dispatched to the area, at which time the bear was found resting in a tree between the Regal Movie Theater and McDonalds. 

  After a while, the bear climbed down from the tree and headed west into the wooded area, appearing to head back in the direction of the Stafford Forge Wildlife Preserves. 


  A short time after that, Stafford Township was notified of an additional sighting of the bear in the Cedar Run section of town. 

Photo courtesy Michael Sean Sweigart

  The Stafford Township Police Department and Stafford Township Animal Control are continuing to closely monitor the area. 

  Police stress that if you see the bear stay away and report and report the bear’s location to the Township Police Department at 609-597-8581.