Barnegat Police Overtime Down

Photo courtesy of the Barnegat Police Department

BARNEGAT – The amount of overtime logged by police officers has been consistently lower than previous years, officials said.

Committeeman John Novak gives monthly reports on police activity at the Township Committee meeting. He said that there had been 1,349 calls in the month of March.

“They’re working without a contract, in a headquarters that is far less than optimal,” he said. Despite the number of calls, there were lower overtime costs.

In January, the amount of overtime was reduced by 45 percent of what the overtime was for January of 2016, he reported. In February, it was down 53 percent from February of 2016. In March, it was down 73 percent from March of 2016.

“Not only do the men and women of the department serve us very well, they’re serving the finance department very well,” he said.

These figures continue a downward trend in overtime expenditures.

The department spent $295,375 in overtime in 2015, according to township records. That figure was down again in 2016. It had been $171,879 as of Nov. 20, when figures were collected and released at a December meeting.