Barnegat Cracks Down On Overgrown Properties

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BARNEGAT – Barnegat Township Committee members passed an ordinance that will impose fines on landlords and property owners who fail to comply with the township’s code for property maintenance.

According to Deputy Mayor Al Cirulli, the township has received multiple complaints about properties not being maintained.

The ordinance outlines that “All structures and land shall be maintained in a clean, safe, secure and sanitary condition as provided herein so as not to cause a blighting problem or adversely affect the public health or safety.”

The ordinance and its fines do not apply to mobile home communities in the township, which are privately owned.

Violators of the township code will be issued a violation notice by the township. If they fail to fix the issue on their own, the project will be taken on by the township. However, the property owner will still take on the expense, which is then determined by the township.

Costs will be determined by the Administrator and can include labor, equipment charges, fuel, or depreciation, according to the ordinance.

The potential costs for violating the code include:

  • Foreman: $60/hr.
  • Laborer/driver: $40/hr.
  • Push lawn mower: $15/hr.
  • Riding lawn mower: $40/hr.
  • Weed Wacker: $15/hr.
  • Trailer: $15/hr.
  • Pick-up truck: $30/hr.
  • Chain saw: $15/hr.
  • Blower: $15/hr.
  • Administrative fees: $250
  • Lawn grass/weed cutting first offense: $200
  • Lawn grass/weed cutting second offense: $300
  • Lawn grass/weed cutting third offense: $500.