Barnegat Cops: Lock Your Car Doors

Photo courtesy of the Barnegat Police Department

BARNEGAT – A rash of car burglaries has hit Barnegat Township.

Police took to social media Wednesday morning to tell residents to lock vehicle doors and not leave valuables in their cars.

Lt Jeffrey Ryan, police public information officer, told Jersey Shore Online while he won’t name a specific time or area of town being hit by these burglaries, residents throughout town should be on watch.

The burglar or burglars are hitting “soft targets,” those vehicles that are left unlocked. Ryan said car burglars typically don’t smash in windows, as they don’t want to draw attention to themselves. They are taking money and any other valuables left in plain sight.

“Every now and then we get this every few years, and we push the message. People remember to lock their cars, and then people forget sometimes after a few months when they don’t hear anything,” Ryan said. He himself said he checks his own car six times a night and will probably burn out his car fob.

To report a burglary or tip the police, call 609-698-5000.