Activities Proposed For Former Community Center Site

(Photo by Chris Lundy)

STAFFORD – The latest in a line of people coming up with uses for the former Mill Creek Road community center site involves low-maintenance recreation: pickleball and paddleboats.

Ever since the community center on Mill Creek Road became a victim of Superstorm Sandy, the governing body and the residents of Beach Haven West have been at odds over the fate of the property. The Beach Haven West residents want the community center rebuilt there. The governing body wants to wait and see if another community center is actually needed.

Still, other residents have been bringing their own ideas to the table.

At a recent Township Council meeting, Beach Haven West resident Anita Corcoran presented ideas on using the site, which is adjacent to a park, for recreational uses.

Many residents are showing an interest in playing pickleball, which she said is a combination of badminton and tennis, but they have to leave town in order to play.

“I’m sure you’re all aware of the explosive popularity of this sport,” she said.

Stafford Town Hall (Photo by Micromedia Publications)

As for paddleboats, like kayaks, it would be a lot more reasonable to be there rather than a boat ramp. A boat ramp had been discussed earlier in the year.

Route 72 has traffic issues, and Mill Creek Road has more of its own. Adding a boat ramp there would increase traffic, and have vehicles and trailers parked on the side of the road. “It would make a bad situation even worse or dangerous,” she said.

Additionally, it would add traffic to the waters. The area the boats would launch into is a no-wake zone for 1.6 miles. That is a long way to go slowly, especially in the heat and in greenhead fly season. Locals tend to follow the no-wake zone rules, however, people coming from another area might not, especially for 1.6 miles.

Mayor John Spodofora said he will look into putting additional no-wake signs up. The waterway is governed by the state. Stafford might offer to pay for the signs to help move the process along.