Open Fit Hearing Aids Are Giving Customers Greater Satisfaction

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There are many reasons to choose an open fit digital hearing aid:

Cosmetic Appeal – These hearing instruments are a fraction of the size of traditional behind-the-ear hearing aids and their transmission tube is tiny. The result is a cosmetically unnoticeable hearing instrument.

Non-Occluding – A frustrating problem with hearing aid users is the feeling of being stopped up. Open fit hearing aids overcome this problem by employing a breathable ear tip.

Comfortable – These instruments are quite light, and the ear tip is designed not to apply pressure to the ear canal.

Natural Sound – One of the major concerns facing hearing aid users is the “barrel effect” of hearing your own voice and the overwhelming sound of chewing your food. Open fittings overcome this sensation through their unique tip design.

Directional Microphones – Today’s high satisfaction rate has come from hearing aids with directional technology. Many of these tiny digital instruments employ directional technology.

Instant Gratification – With traditional hearing aids, there is a waiting period of about two weeks while custom products are manufactured. Open fittings can be taken home from the first visit.

Digital Sound Processing – These instruments supply continuous digital processing to incoming sound, providing clean, distortion-free amplification.

Natural Ambient Sounds – Open fittings allow environmental sounds to pass naturally through the ear canal, as if hearing aids are not being worn. The only sounds that are amplified are the soft sounds; loud sound should not be over amplified.

Please keep in mind that these devices may not be appropriate for everyone. Most are designed for mild to moderate-severe high frequency losses. Only your hearing health care professional can determine if you are a candidate for an open fit hearing aid. All of the major manufacturers have a large array of open fit products.

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