Elbow Up

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For some folks, inserting your hearing aid into your ear can be a real struggle. Sometimes you twist and turn the hearing aid which eventually creates a sore ear.

Here are a few tricks you can utilize to properly insert your hearing instrument into your ear canal.

First, for custom, non-behind-the-ear products, the “red” writing on the aid is for the right ear and the “blue” writing is for the left ear.

Second, when you are inserting the aid, the “vent hole” is usually on the bottom of the aid facing outside.

Third, as you are trying to insert the instrument, make sure your elbow is “up” in line with your ear and push toward your nose. If your elbow is down, you may not insert the aid in the right direction. Thus, the aid may “stick” out of your ear and constantly ring.

Remember, if you are struggling with hearing aid insertion, keep your elbow up while inserting the aid. This will make life a lot simpler and alleviate potential ear soreness and feedback.

Finally, make sure you keep in close contact with your hearing healthcare professional who is there for guidance.

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