9 Tips To Help Detect Hearing Loss

It is often hard to recognize hearing loss. Simply put, it can be sneaky. As someone who experiences hearing loss, you have an advantage in helping loved ones recognize it in themselves. Here are some signs that can help you start the conversation…

  1. Balance Blues. Are they less sure footed than they once were? The inner ear is important to both hearing and stability – the cause of a balance problem could be affecting their hearing as well.
  2. The Lean. Do they consistently lean into the conversations on the same side? They could have greater hearing loss on one side, causing them to attempt to use their “good ear.”
  3. “Library, Anyone?” Are they not doing some of the things that make them happy? With a hearing loss, it’s difficult to hear in public places with lots of background sounds – they could be avoiding noisy areas altogether.
  4. Lots of laughter. Are they laughing more often? It might not mean you’ve hit your comedic stride. If they can’t hear what’s going on they might be responding inappropriately to social cues to feel more engaged.
  5. Odd Responses. Do their replies seem out of place or not make sense? It might not be because they’re distracted – they might not be able to follow the conversation.
  6. Are they begging off social situations entirely, even at home? It can be difficult to admit to hearing loss, which can lead to social anxiety.
  7. The Blame Game. Are they blaming misunderstandings on noises or other people? Rather than admit to hearing loss, sometimes it’s easier to act like outside factors are the issue.
  8. What?” Do you feel like you’re repeating yourself more often? Maybe you are mumbling sometimes- but odds are their hearing loss is the problem.
  9. Turning up the Volume. This is self explanatory: If your family member or friend can’t hear, they are going to adjust devices so they can.

If more than a couple of these hit home, consider starting that conversation with your loved one. We’d be glad to give them a complimentary consultation.

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