5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Technology

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Often it’s obvious when it’s time to replace something — your smartphone’s screen is cracked, your vacuum smells weird. But how do you know when to upgrade your hearing devices? Here are five surefire signs you’re due for some fresh tech.

Not Working Right: You do all the recommended maintenance, but things just don’t seem right. You replace the batteries, they drain quickly; you change the wax guards, it still sounds weak and muffled. The occasional repair is one thing, but regular malfunction or repair means it might be time to replace the devices.

Costly Repairs: If your devices are older, getting them repaired could be costly because the parts are scarce or your model is discontinued. Sometimes fixing your devices costs so much that it makes more sense to replace them.

Change in Hearing: Despite helping your hearing loss with technology, your hearing might continue to change over time — due to age, loud sounds, or other health issues. Often we can adjust the settings on your devices to accommodate those hearing changes, but sometimes the changes are enough that a different level of technology is required.

Change in Lifestyle: We decide with you which technology is best for you based on your hearing lifestyle, but when your lifestyle changes, your technology should as well. Did you take up a sport? You’ll probably be sweating, so you’ll need something moisture resistant, plus an accessory to dehumidify your devices. Did you switch from an office job to something outdoors? You’re likely exposed to a different level of noise now.

Change in Technology: New models with new features are introduced into the market all the time. You might not even realize just how far tech has advanced — better filtering of background noise, more pinpoint fine-tuning capabilities, even streaming sound from your smartphone to your hearing aids. High-tech hearing is an upgrade away.

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