Travel Show Picks Seaside Pizzeria As A “Delicious Destination”

(Photo courtesy Gene Peterson)

SEASIDE HEIGHTS – Maruca’s Tomato Pies will be an upcoming “delicious destination” on the Travel Channel.

(Photo courtesy Gene Peterson)

A small film crew was stationed at the boardwalk restaurant on Wednesday. The show, Delicious Destinations, focuses on locations to get the best and most interesting foods in various areas.

Joseph Maruca, the owner, said that the filming went perfectly. There was nice weather, a good reception from the crowd, and it went together very smoothly. He said he was more than happy to have been picked by the show.

(Photo courtesy Gene Peterson)

“They reached out to us. They wanted to do a segment on iconic Jersey Shore food and we came up on their radar screen,” he said.

The production company arrived in the morning and was scheduled to be on site through mid-day, he said. They filmed some footage of the beach and boardwalk for flavor, and they also filmed inside the restaurant. They interviewed Maruca about the history of the business, and filmed staff making their signature cheese and tomato pie, among other items.

The staff at the restaurant did not yet know when the segment will air.