Officials: It’s Too Hot, Bring Pets Inside

This is NOT shelter from the heat. This is a
This is NOT shelter from the heat. This is a "heat box." (Photo courtesy Ocean County Sheriff's Department)

  OCEAN COUNTY – If there is one thing local officials agree on today it is this: keep your animals inside.

  With the heat wave taking over the Jersey Shore this week with temperatures over 100 degrees, officials are reminding county residents to protect themselves and their animals from rising temperatures.

   According to the National Weather Service, “A plethora of weather-related hazards will be possible today including: excessive heat, heavy rainfall/flash flooding, severe weather, and dangerous rip currents.”

  The NWS current briefing dictates that New Jersey is subject to an “elevated” impact from excessive heat and flash flooding, as well as the possibility of severe thunder storms.

  “The heat and humidity may cause heat stress during outdoor exertion or extended exposure,” according to the NWS.

  While us humans may know to stay indoors, animals may not. Most pets use the backyard as a place to play, relax, and do their business. Keep an eye on your pets to minimize the time they spend outside while the heat rages on.

  A post from the Ocean County Sheriff’s Office depicts an outdoor dog kennel, stating: “This is NOT shelter from the heat. This is a “heat box”. No, your dog does not enjoy laying in the direct sun without shade for hours IN THIS HEAT or laying inside these “cookers”. Bring your dogs inside your home in this heat!”

  The Brick Police posted a heat notice from the NWS stating “The best way to handle the excessive heat is to stay out of it.”