LBI Police Departments Tell Public To Lock Your Vehicles

  SURF CITY – Long Beach Island residents, do yourself a favor, lock your vehicles!

  That is the message several LBI police departments are bringing to the public following several vehicle burglaries. Surf City Police received reports of multiple burglaries to vehicles on the morning of September 16.

  These incidents of thefts from vehicles promoted Long Beach Island police departments to send out a strong message to lock vehicles as all of the ones targeted had been left unlocked.

  Surf City Police added that the thefts had not been centralized to any specific area. Those seeing anyone acting suspiciously around vehicles or having experienced a theft from their vehicle to call them at 609-494-8121.

  Those with security cameras and smart doorbells should check them for any motion/activity and report anything that might appear suspect to the Surf City Police.

  Warnings by LBI police also included the recommendation of removing your keys/key fobs and valuables from your car along with locking it.