Lakewood Fire Company Pays Tribute To Three Members

  LAKEWOOD – Members of the Lakewood Fire Department are remembering three of their firefighters including a past chief, John “Jack” Deligny. Also being remembered are James Harrigan and Rose Gomez.

  “It is with deep regret the Lakewood Board of Fire Commissioners along with Lakewood Fire Chief Jonathan Yahr, announces Reliance Hose Company No. 4 and the Lakewood Fire Department suffered the loss of three of its members in the last two weeks,” Fire District Administrator Yehuda Beer said.

  He added that the three individuals dedicated a considerable portion of their lives to the Fire Department and the whole of Lakewood. Beer said the three firefighters “will be remembered and missed by their family, friends, and their Fire Department brothers and sisters.”

Deligny was born on February 7, 1935, in East Orange and in addition to being a member of a number of other public associations he was an active volunteer firefighter for the Lakewood Fire Department.

  He served for close to four decades from 1957 through 1995.


  During this time Deligny was appointed to Captain of Reliance Hose Company #4 and later served as chief of the department in 1983 and 1984. He was described as an instrumental part of the Fire Department and even in his later years, shared his knowledge and advice with current members.

  Harrigan, born on January 19, 1936, in Elizabeth was an Air Force Veteran as well as a volunteer firefighter for the Lakewood Fire Department.

  He was an active member of Reliance Hose Company #4 for over 30 years and was well respected amongst his peers and assisted in the progress of the Company. Long after he retired from active service he attended meetings and company functions well into his later years. His dedication was greatly felt.

  Gomez was born in Queens, New York, before moving to Lakewood at a young age, and was a longtime resident. Her husband Richard, as well as her father-in-law Ralph, and her son Michael, (who served as Captain of Reliance Hose Company #4) all served as volunteer firefighters for the Lakewood Fire Department.

  Gomez was a dedicated member of Reliance Hose Company #4’s Ladies Auxiliary serving in a much-appreciated supportive role and will be missed.