Jersey Shore Party Shut Down By Police: Organizers Regroup

Photo courtesy Instagram

POINT PLEASANT BEACH – The meetup is cancelled, according to police.

Point Pleasant Beach Police Chief Joseph A. Michigan said his department reached out to the planners of a June 29 summer beach meetup, who supposedly agreed to cancel the party.

However, one of the scheduled DJs, BandzJuicedUpKK, had this message, posted to his Instagram account around 9 p.m. June 27: “F___ the cops,” with two laughing emoticons.

While the social media ad has a red “cancelled” through it on the police Facebook page, the DJ has the full ad posted to his Instagram account.

Another scheduled DJ, g.mallyyy, has asked followers to direct message him for a new, secret location for the June 29 meet up.

“However, due to the nature of social media and the exposure that this event has already generated, this agency will be going forward with our planned security measures to ensure the safety and security of all residents and visitors this holiday weekend. The public should still expect to see an enhanced law enforcement presence in Point Pleasant Beach,” Michigan said in a June 27 Facebook post.

Photo courtesy Instagram

A “beach party” had been advertised to take place noon to 9 p.m. June 29 on the Point Pleasant Boardwalk.

This “Summer Beach Meetup” was presented by a group calling itself Demon Brothers Ent., which has no noticeable social media presence.

That ad can be seen on several social media accounts of promised DJs performing, including @BandZJuiceUpKK, @G.Mallyyy and @Shaaaaad.

Another “meetup” took place over Father’s Day weekend, originally advertised for Seaside Heights and then moved to Seaside Park. Officials from both boroughs made it clear that no one from the event contacted proper authorities for permits, which both the Heights and Park require.

Photo courtesy Instagram

These events seek to get around regulations by simply saying guests should meet up at the same location at the same time. Unlike the Seaside Park event, this advertisement doesn’t seek a cover charge or send would-be guests to Eventbrite.

“[It] is possible we may see a large crowd for this unsanctioned event. There is no specific location for the event at this time, but the Police Department is monitoring the event very closely with the assistance of Local, County, and State agencies,” Michigan said.

The meetup in Seaside Park drew thousands, although officials pointed out there was a soccer event in neighboring Seaside Heights, as well as the usual summer visitors. Despite the swell in numbers, neither borough reported any significant jump in calls or crimes reported. Neighboring law enforcement departments were called in to help monitor those crowds.

“To ensure the safety of the residents and visitors of our town, the Police Department is taking every necessary step, and as a precaution, you should expect to see a very high presence of law enforcement on this date,” Michigan wrote in a June 26 Facebook post.