Governor: New Rules About Going Out

Photo courtesy Ocean County Scanner News

TRENTON – Gov. Phil Murphy said that the social distancing measures appear to be working and the time is now to increase safety precautions to continue to save lives.

  The following rules go into effect at 8 p.m. on April 10:

  • Everyone must wear a mask or some kind of facial covering if you have to go out to one of the essential businesses that are still open. Children younger than 2 are exempt.
  • Workers must wear gloves and face masks, provided at the business’ expense.
  • Businesses will only allow half of their capacity at any one time.
  • People can deny masks for medical reasons. An employee can’t ask for medical verification.
  • Stores must designate special hours for high-risk individuals to shop.

  In most cases, store employees are the ones who will be tasked with enforcing these new rules, putting them on the front line. They can deny entry to a person if they do not follow the rules. 

  The employee can’t deny entry if the customer needs medical supplies or food. The business could provide an alternate method to keep the person outside and still get them the needed items.

  Additionally, the stores would be required to do extra sanitizing throughout the day, put up signage, place physical barriers between customers and cashiers, provide contact-free payment options, and many other methods to increase social distancing.

  “Based on the requirements of the State of New Jersey, we remind all shoppers to wear facial coverings in the grocery store,” said Linda Doherty, president & CEO, New Jersey Food Council. “We also ask that you shop alone to reduce crowds and always practice social distancing. Use your eyes to inspect items, not your hands. Discard gloves, wipes and masks in the trash; and, please remember, to thank your grocery heroes serving you. Let’s work together to ensure the safest shopping experience for all New Jersey residents.”

Social Distancing Working

  According to New Jersey statistics, the practice of social distancing is helping curb the spread of the infection.

  On the downside, New York is the only state with more cases right now. The state’s figures show that about half of its ventilators are being used. It also shows that six hospitals are completely full right now.

  On the upside, hundreds of patients with the coronavirus have been discharged from hospitals. About 56 percent of people who are being tested are coming back as negative.

  Murphy said he was optimistic that the state’s climb upward in cases will start to level out soon, and then go down. When specifically this could happen is unknown.