Environmental Settlement Question Passes

The Barnegat Bay (Photo by Jason Allentoff)

OCEAN COUNTY –  A ballot question about funding clean-ups passed statewide. Question No. 2 was designed to dedicate environmental settlement funds to environmental cleanups.

According to the question’s wording: “The moneys would have to be used to repair, restore, replace or preserve the State’s natural resources. The moneys may also be used to pay legal or other costs incurred by the State in pursuing its claims. Currently, these moneys may be used for any State purpose.”

Ocean County voters supported this measure, 79,103 votes to 49,806. The vote passed statewide as well.

The Sierra Club sent a statement praising the passage of the ballot question.

“This is a win for the environment and the people who want to make sure it’s protected,” said Jeff Tittel, Director of the New Jersey Sierra Club. “With the passage of Ballot Question #2, money that comes from environmental settlements will serve environmental purposes. It means we can clean-up and make our communities whole again after they’ve been devastated by toxic pollution. The money will go towards restoring wetlands, cleaning up streams, planting trees, rebuilding parks, protecting our drinking water, and other issues that arise after a community has been devastated by toxic contamination.”