Coast Guard Urges Caution On Intracoastal

Photo by Judy Smestad-Nunn

  TOMS RIVER – The Coast Guard is urging boaters to be cautious if they are on the Intracoastal Waterway while they complete a project.

  The work will be done between Toms River and Cape May, according to the Coast Guard. They will be removing pylons and replacing them with seasonal buoys. Navigation Team Cape May and the Coast Guard Dive Team will be removing damaged navigation aids and conducting diving operations. The project was scheduled to begin July 15 and continue through mid-August. It will start in Toms River and work south until completed.

  Just as drivers of cars are required to slow down when passing construction on a road, boaters should slow their speed in the ICW while crews work. If you are creating a wake, it could pose a danger for workers and divers.

  Areas that are being worked on will be clearly marked with such things as lights and diver-down flags. Information will be put out over VHF-FM Channel 16, as well as a broadcast to mariners.

  There will be wreck buoys put out to show where underwater hazards are. They will later be replaced by a seasonal buoy. The Coast Guard reminded boaters that wreck buoys have a potential to swing in tidal fluctuations and therefore they should exercise caution as they navigate near the buoys.

  “As we start in the north and work our way south, we ask boaters to operate at a safe speed, and remain in the center of the channel as they transit the waterway,” said Senior Chief Petty Officer Elijah Reynolds, officer in charge of Aids to Navigation Team Cape May. “Mariners are urged to use extreme caution while operating in the vicinity of dive operations.”