A Camp Of Homeless, Making Life In The Woods

Homeless Camp
A Valentine’s Day decoration was hung on the day a reporter visited the homeless camp in Howell. The community food storage is in the background. (Photo by Chris Lundy)

Gone are the dozens of people living in a homeless camp in the woods of Lakewood, in what was dubbed Tent City.

More than a year later, several of the Tent City homeless, and the minister who helped them, Steve Brigham, have now set up a smaller camp in the woods of Howell.

Life there is different than the original Tent City, with a better relationship with local officials, as camp organizers work in cooperation with rules and camp goals to help its homeless and others in need.

The campers go to work, maintain their space, contribute to camp goals, look after each other and pray in the camp’s chapel.

Our look inside life in the camp features a multimedia gallery of photos, video and an in-depth feature article, and asks those who live there what life is like and how that’s changed since Lakewood.

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