Powerball Jackpot Hits $86 Million

Photo by Chris Lundy

  NEW JERSEY – What would you do if you won the lottery? After the most recent Powerball drawing, the jackpot has now totaled to $86,000,000!

  From the October 20 drawing, 17,063 New Jersey players took home approximately $89,834 in prizes ranging anywhere from $4 to $200.

  The winning numbers for the drawing were: 07, 29, 36, 41, and 43. The Red Power Ball number was 05. The Power Play was 2X. The Double Play drawing results were: 01, 04, 31, 37, and 64. The Double Play Ball number was 24.

  The Powerball jackpot has now reached $86,000,000 for the next drawing on October 23. What would you do with the prize money if you won the jackpot? Share your ideas on our Facebook page at Jersey Shore Online.