NJTPA Launches Online Survey To Gather Input For Transportation Plan

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What do you like and dislike about your daily commute? How will people get around 30 years from now? What can the region do to improve the economy and transportation in the future?

These are some of the questions the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA) is asking the public as part of its outreach for Plan 2045: Connecting North Jersey.

Each year about $1 billion in federal funds is invested into the transportation system in northern and central New Jersey. Metropolitan Planning Organizations like the NJTPA must update their regional transportation plans every four years in order for the region to obtain and invest federal transportation funding. The regional transportation plan serves as a blueprint for these investments over the next 25 years. The last update, Plan 2040, was adopted in September 2013.

The NJTPA has launched an online survey, plan2045survey.org, to gather public input for Plan 2045. The survey is split into key Plan 2045 topics — Great Places, Safety, Resiliency, Getting Around, Technology, Environment and Economy. Each topic includes a short video and a few questions. Participants are encouraged to select one or as many topics as they are interested in answering questions about. Survey answers will be used to help develop Plan 2045.

A brief video on the survey is posted on our YouTube channel, https://youtu.be/PBMZSKEXpFU.

The NJTPA is also attending and organizing events throughout its 13-county region to gather public insight through early June. A full list of events is available on the Participate Page at ntjpa.org/Plan2045.