Keep Packages Safe This Holiday Season

Keep packages safe and secure this season with these tips from the New Jersey State Police. (Photo courtesy NJSP)

Tis the season for online package delivery, and those who steal them.

Packages are delivered to the front porch of homes from the early morning through late evening hours. With families at school, at work, or perhaps even shopping at a brick-and-mortar store, opportunities abound for less-than-neighborly folks to take stuff that doesn’t belong to them.

Simply, they’re thieves.

The New Jersey State Police offer these tips for keeping track of packages:

  • Customers should sign up for delivery alerts so they know when delivery is scheduled and when the package arrives.
  • Ask a trusted neighbor who is home to retrieve the package and keep it until you arrive home.
  • Require a signature for all deliveries, if possible.
  • Have packages delivered to your workplace, or shipped to the store for pick-up.
  • Neighbors, offer to hold packages for those who are out all day.
  • Frequently check home surveillance systems to check for packages.

Report suspicious activity to local police or the State Police Barracks that patrols your town.