Coast Guard Rescues Sea Turtle From Fishing Line, Sharks

Photo courtesy Coast Guard

  CAPE MAY – A sea turtle tangled in a fishing trap line was rescued by Coast Guard members on Aug. 13.

  The Marine Mammal Stranding Center had called it in to Coast Guard Sector Delaware Bay. They reported that the sea turtle was entangled in a fishing trap line.

  The Coast Guard Cutter Shearwater, an 87-foot patrol boat, went to the scene 11 miles southeast of Cape May and found the turtle.

  While coordinating rescue efforts with the Stranding Center, the Coast Guard crew moved into action when they spotted sharks circling the turtle.

  In response, Coast Guard crew members launched a team aboard the ship’s small boat. They circled the turtle until the sharks dispersed. Then, crew members cut the turtle free.

  “This was the proudest day I’ve had on this cutter” said Master Chief Petty Officer Anthony Martinez, Officer in Charge of the Shearwater. “Everybody on the crew rallied around and worked together, and we were able to save that turtle.”