Superstorm Sandy Exhibit In Monmouth

(Photo courtesy of Toms River Township)

FREEHOLD – Monmouth County Historical Association is hosting a special exhibit that makes Superstorm Sandy and its effects on various parts of New Jersey an even more concrete part of our history.  The exhibit, called “Tracking Sandy: Monmouth County Remembers,” takes place from now until October of 2018 and showcases various efforts at documenting Sandy’s impact on the County.

The exhibit also marks the fifth anniversary of when Sandy hit the Jersey Shore back in 2012. Collected photographs, artifacts, and oral histories from persons of interest, such as scientists or Monmouth county citizens, make up the components of the exhibit.

“Tracking Sandy” helps us continue to follow what other lessons might come from the aftermath and what the future holds for us.

It includes oral histories presented on listening devices, interactive activities, artifacts, internet and print resources, and preparedness education.

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