St. Veronica Students Win Knights Of Columbus Essay Contest

Joanne Nelson, Language Arts Teacher, Mackenzie Bruno, 1st Place Winner & Council 6201 Winner, and Sr. Cherree Power, C.R., Principal (Photo courtesy of St. Veronica's)

HOWELL – In November, eighth-grade students at St. Veronica School in Howell participated in the Knights of Columbus’ Catholic Citizenship Essay Contest sponsored by Local Council 6201 Howell/Jackson. Students were asked to write an essay and to share their thoughts on the topic of “The Importance of Religious Freedom.”

Under the guidance of eighth-grade Language Arts teacher, Joanne Nelson, students were asked to brainstorm the topic and come up with ideas and thoughts on the theme. They were asked what it means to be a citizen of the community, as well as the country, and what it means to live here in a country where citizens have the right to practice the religion of their choice freely.

Joanne Nelson, Language Arts Teacher and Luke Valencia, 2nd place Winner (Photo courtesy of St. Veronica’s)

Mackenzie Bruno, Howell, won first place for St. Veronica School and was also chosen as the Knights of Columbus Council 6201 winner. Her essay will now be sent to the Supreme Council for judging against all eighth-grade entries nationwide.

Luke Valencia, Howell, also won second place for the school as well. Both students were presented their certificates and awards at an assembly during Catholic Schools by Sr. Cherree Power, C.R., principal.