Local Serves With Legendary Helicopter Squadron

Airman Jake Savarino (Photo courtesy Navy Office of Community Outreach)

  MONMOUTH COUNTY – A local military Airman has now become a part of a Naval Legacy.

  Airman Jake Savarino, who is a 2016 Freehold Borough High School graduate, has now become a member of the oldest Maritime Strike Squadron.

  As an aviation electronics technician, Savarino is responsible for working in the sonars and antennas of the aircraft and communication.

  “My favorite part about my job is that not a lot of people from my hometown join the Navy,” said Savarino. “There is a lot of diversity in the tasks I do and the people I work with.”

  Being raised in Freehold taught Savarino values that he still uses to succeed in his career.

  “Freehold taught me you only lose when you give up,” said Savarino.

  It is considered to be a part of history when a sailor is assigned to HSM-71. Sailors will fly “Romeo” helicopters, which are currently the most cutting-edge helicopters. These helicopters give the ability to manage rescue missions and control any needed replenishments at sea. Being a sailor for the HSM-71 is a crucial role in all Navy Aircrafts, as all aircraft carriers are a central part of the nation’s security strategy.

  It’s been a tradition in Savarino’s family that almost every generation has been serving the country. His dad, grandfather and uncle all served in the military, and Savarino plans on keeping the tradition going.

  “Serving in the Navy means making the United States a better place for future generations,” said Savarino. “As long as people are fighting and serving the country it will remain an amazing country.”