Law Enforcement Memorial Honors 22 Fallen Officers

Photo courtesy Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office

  MONMOUTH COUNTY – A new Law Enforcement Memorial installed outside the headquarters of the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office honors 22 fallen officers.

  The memorial features 22 names of officers who lost their lives in the line of duty in Monmouth County.

  Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni expressed how the Law Enforcement Memorial is a lasting reminder of the sacrifices made for public safety.

  “We gather here today to honor the memory and mourn the terrible loss of 22 brave Americans who put on a uniform and answered the call, giving their lives in the performance of their sworn duties. Each died under different circumstances, but all had one common thread: the call to duty. Each understood the risks of heeding that call, but never shied away, even as their loved ones worried at home,” Gramiccioni said.

  Those present at the ceremony were family members of the officers who passed, as well as First Lady of the State of New Jersey Tammy Murphy, Attorney General Gurbir Grewal, and Monmouth County Commissioner Director Thomas A. Arnone. In addition, Monmouth County legislative representatives, county commissioners, local police chiefs, and a long list of other local, county, and state officials attended the unveiling.

  The officers named on the memorial spans more than 122 years, beginning in 1899. Etched into the black granite stone is each officer’s name, agency and date of their death, referred to as their “End of Watch (EOW).”

  The memorial consists of two tiers of black granite and a fountain of water that creates a waterfall. Each shoulder patch of every officer is etched into the top face of the memorial.

Flowers were laid by surviving family and colleagues of the 22 fallen officers at the new Monmouth County Law Enforcement Officers Memorial. (Photo courtesy Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office)

  “These 22 officers who died never asked for, or wanted to be heroes, but sometimes as fate has it, it just turns out that way. The men and women in blue know this possibility, but they follow the calling in the name of community service. These 22 fallen officers had wives and husbands, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, and children young and old,” Gramiccioni said. “They shared a commitment to something larger than themselves – a call to serve the greater good. None sought glory, riches, or their names on billboards or in lights. Their reward came from their pride in service.”

  The following officers were named and honored for their sacrifices:

• Constable James Walsh, Red Bank Police Department, was attempting an arrest when he was shot by a suspect. EOW: November 13, 1899.

• Patrolman Charles Franklin Lippincott, Asbury Park Police Department, and another officer were directed to handle a report of a husband threatening to kill his wife. Upon arrival, Officer Lippincott ordered him to halt. The accused appeared willing to surrender. When Officer Lippincott placed his hand on the suspect’s shoulder, the suspect pulled a concealed weapon and fatally shot the officer in the chest. EOW: December 10, 1911.

• Patrolman Herman Kohler Emmons, Long Branch Police Department, was shot and killed by a suspect while attempting to place the suspect under arrest. EOW: December 17, 1921.

• Trooper William H. Marshall, New Jersey State Police, was killed in a motorcycle accident while on patrol. He had been with the agency for just over two years. EOW: December 12, 1923.

• Trooper Herman Gloor, Jr., New Jersey State Police, was killed in a motorcycle accident while on patrol. He had been with the agency for just over two years. EOW: May 9, 1926.

• Patrolman Robert Leroy Applegate, Neptune Township Police Department, was killed when his police motorcycle was struck by a drunk driver. He was responding to another accident when the incident occurred. EOW: September 6, 1931.

• Police Officer William H. Letts, of the Union Beach Police Department, was shot in the head, while off duty and in his home, by the man he was investigating as the prime suspect in an armed robbery. EOW: September 24, 1946.

• Trooper John Anderson, New Jersey State Police, was shot and killed while investigating a stolen car on the Garden State Parkway. EOW: November 1, 1955.

• Trooper Finley C. Fuchs, New Jersey State Police, was killed in an automobile accident while in route to a court appointment. EOW: December 19, 1957.

• Trooper Raymond P. Fiola, New Jersey State Police, was killed in an automobile accident while he was on patrol. The collision occurred on Route 526 in Monmouth County. EOW: February 19, 1962.

• Sergeant Charles M. Cozzens, Bradley Beach Police Department, was killed in an automobile accident when his patrol car struck a utility pole on Main Street. EOW: August 8, 1964.

• Patrolman William A. Richards, Long Branch Police Department, suffered a fatal heart attack while attempting to subdue a suspect who had escaped from other officers earlier in the day. EOW: October 23, 1967.

• Sergeant Joseph M. Monteparo, Asbury Park Police Department, was stabbed to death while attempting to talk a man into dropping a knife. Sergeant Monteparo was familiar with the suspect and had dealt with him on several occasions. EOW: April 24, 1971.

• David John Lake, Chief of Police, Ocean Grove Police Department, had a heart attack while pursuing and grappling with a larceny suspect. He later died from the physical stress. EOW: August 23, 1971.

• Sergeant Frank Peters, Keansburg Police Department, was killed as the result of an accidental gunshot wound while on duty. EOW: February 11, 1972.

• Patrolman Jack A. Wright, Bradley Beach Police Department, was shot and killed as he attempted to stop a hold-up and robbery. EOW: May 31, 1976.

• Special Officer Ronald P. Kleber, Middletown Police Department, was struck and killed by a drunk driver while directing traffic. EOW: October 23, 1982.

• Trooper II Frances J. Bellaran, New Jersey State Police died from injuries sustained in an automobile accident on May 20, 1996. He was attempting to stop a speeding motorcycle when he crashed and sustained fatal injuries. EOW: May 23, 1996.

• Detective Sgt. Patrick A. King, Long Branch Police Department, was on duty, in uniform when a man shot him in the back of the head while standing at a counter ordering his meal. The suspect then stole Sergeant King’s car and led police on 60-mile chase before crashing the police vehicle and being killed in a shootout. EOW: November 20, 1997.

• Trooper Marc Kenneth Castellano, New Jersey State Police, was struck by an out-of-control car as he was standing on the shoulder of the road near his patrol vehicle. Trooper Castellano was transported to the hospital where he died. EOW: June 6, 2010.

• Trooper Anthony A. Raspa, New Jersey State Police, was killed in a vehicle crash on I-195 in Monmouth County. EOW: May 30, 2015.

• Detective April Bird, Asbury Park Police Department, was on duty when she suffered a heart attack during a shooting investigation. She died three days later. EOW: August 2, 2019.