Chain-In Held To Protest Forced Marriage

Women dressed as brides on the beach to bring attention to the issue of forced marriage. (Photo courtesy Unchained At Last)

SEA BRIGHT – About 50 members and supporters of the group Unchained At Last held a “Chain-In Celebration” at the beach to protest child and forced marriage.

Wearing bridal gowns and veils, and with chains on their wrists, the group brought attention to the plight of people forced into marriage.

The group “un-arranges” marriages that have been arranged, providing independence for women wanting to get out of abusive relationships.

Child marriage is legal in 48 states. Delaware and New Jersey recently outlawed it due to the work of this group.

On Sept. 7, Unchained At Last is having a fundraiser comedy show featuring Trevor Noah at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center.

Those looking to help the group, attend the fundraiser, or looking for help can visit