85-Year-Old Sentenced For Aggravated Manslaughter

  ASBURY PARK – An 85-year-old man will serve at least eight years in prison for intentionally running down a man with his truck.

  Johnny Westbrook of Asbury Park had previously pleaded guilty to first degree Aggravated Manslaughter. He must serve at least 85% of his 10-year sentence before being eligible for parole due to the No Early Release Act.

  On December 21, 2018, he had driven his Ford Explorer to a local store knowing that he’d find the victim, Daniel Rivera, 63, of Asbury Park. Westbrook waited outside in his truck for Rivera to come out. Then, he followed him, struck him on the sidewalk, dragged him several feet, and then left him in the roadway.

  The two men knew each other, and lived in the same building, police said. A month earlier, they had been in a physical fight due to Westbrook’s jealousy over Rivera’s friendship with a woman.


  Westbrook admitted to police that he knew his actions resulted in the victim’s death. He fled the scene and returned to the apartment where he was arrested.