Students Get Creative While Learning About Animals

Manchester students show some of their work through the school district’s ongoing partnership with All Fur One Pet Rescue that has taught them some valuable lessons through community volunteerism. (Photo courtesy Manchester Schools)

  MANCHESTER – The school district’s partnership with All Fur One (AFO) Pet Rescue continues to thrive in the new year as students engage with their classroom lessons through fundraising and community volunteerism.

  AFO and the district have come together for a joint initiative called All Fur Education where teachers can use resources provided by the animal rescue group to enhance their classroom lessons.

  Michelle Leadem and Miranda Wilson’s 7th grade social studies students at Manchester Township Middle School were busy having fun learning about the cats of All Fur One while studying ancient Egypt.

Manchester Township students learn about cats and other animals as part of their curriculum. (Photo courtesy Manchester Schools)

  In recent weeks students created trading cards and three-dimensional Egyptian cat gods inspired by the cats of AFO. Each student was assigned an available cat. After visiting the AFO website and conducting research about their cats, students created an original god inspired by the cat’s name, personality, and/or appearance.

  The two educators said, not only did this project allow students to be creative, but it also brought awareness to the number of adoptable cats at All Fur One.

  The Junior Impact Club at Ridgeway Elementary recently held a fundraiser to help support the animals at All Fur One Rescue based in Toms River. Students and staff at the Ridgeway School sold candy grams and raised $200 to donate to AFO.

Cats are revered today but they were especially celebrated in ancient Egypt. Feline history was part of a program that involved the school district’s ongoing partnership with All Fur One Pet Rescue. (Photo courtesy Manchester Schools)

  The money will be used to help pay for vital life-saving medication needed by two FIP-positive cats named Devo and Donkey Kong.

  For further information about All Fur One Adoptions e-mail or call 732- 255-3871.