Police Warn Residents Of Recent Catalytic Converter Thefts

Manchester Township Police Car (Photo by Micromedia Publications)

  MANCHESTER – The Manchester Township Police Department is alerting residents of the recent rise in catalytic converter thefts within the town. At this time, the department is investigating these thefts.

   Police said catalytic converters from large gas engine vehicles, such as work trucks, recreational vehicles, box trucks and vans are commonly stolen, though ones from hybrid cars are also considered highly valuable.

  “These catalytic converters are part of your vehicles emission system and are valuable in the second-hand market. The damage from these thefts along with replacement costs can be in the thousands of dollars,” Manchester Police said in a statement.

  Police further explained that many of the targeted vehicles are ones left unattended in lots, yards or clubhouses. However recently residential areas have been targeted.

  Police are asking residents to check and make sure that your exterior residential security cameras are working properly and to report any suspicious persons and/or vehicles.

  “Suspects will typically utilize a powered saw to cut and remove the catalytic converter. The vibration and friction of the saw on the vehicle’s metal creates a significant noise which can be heard from far away,” police said.

  If you hear this noise, contact the police immediately. Anyone with information regarding the investigation are encouraged to contact the Manchester Township Police at 732-657-6111. Anonymous tips can be submitted online at manchesterpolicenj.com.