Police Seeking Suspect & Truck For Vehicle Vandalism

Photo courtesy Lakehurst Police

  LAKEHURST — Lakehurst police are asking for the public’s help in locating a suspect in connection with vandalizing a number of vehicles in the Lakehurst area.

  Police called the suspect as “#NotSoSuperSmashBrothers,” connecting him/her to a series of broken side view mirrors on vehicles that occurred in the early hours of Jan. 27.

  The department posted a video to their social media of the pickup truck and passenger in question.

  “The vehicle in question appears to be a late 80’s to early 90’s Ford or Chevrolet single cab pick-up truck, with two tone white and blue coloring, with a silver diamond plated tool box in the truck bed,” stated Lakehurst police.

  Anyone with information is asked to contact the department at 732-657-7811 or submit a tip on the department’s website at lakehurstpolice.org.