Police: Don’t Feed the Geese

(Photo by Jennifer Peacock)

  LAKEHURST – While it might be fun to share your bread crumbs with the geese, Lakehurst Police are reminding everyone to refrain from feeding the wildlife, as dictated by township ordinance.

  “Lakehurst has a borough ordinance against feeding the wildlife, especially geese. More specifically, at Lake Horicon. This leads to more lake closures due to unsanitary conditions on the beach and in the water that need some time to be cleaned,” stated Lakehurst Police.

  Those who do not abide by the ordinance will be issued a summons, police added.

  Police are also stressing another ordinance dictating that no pets are allowed on the beach or in the water at Lake Horicon for similar reasons.  

  “These ordinances are to ensure that residents can enjoy the lake and beach area safely,” they stated.