New Vaccine Clinic Location Opens In Manchester

Photo courtesy Manchester Schools

MANCHESTER – Manchester Township Elementary School is now an Ocean County COVID-19 vaccination site. The site opened for staff vaccinations on March 26 and for public vaccinations on March 27.

  Manchester Schools Superintendent, David Trethaway, said that the district worked with the Ocean County Health Department, the township and the Manchester Township Education Association (MTEA) to bring the site to MTES. 

  An army of volunteers from the Manchester Schools staff will help out with non-medical tasks at the clinics. MTEA President, Dan Staples said volunteers signed up in such overwhelming numbers for the first week that most of them had to be rescheduled to a later date. In return for their assistance, the Manchester school staff was able to get their shots at a special vaccine clinic for staff on March 26. “It was a momentous day for the Manchester Schools community,” said Staples.

  “This is an excellent opportunity for us to give back to the community and provide much needed assistance for the most vulnerable senior population,” Trethaway said. “This truly is a win-win situation. The district was able to work with the Ocean County Board of Health to provide our staff an opportunity to receive the vaccinations as well as establishing a clinic in the district to provide the needed vaccine for our senior population in Manchester and throughout Ocean County. We appreciate the efforts of the Ocean County Board of Health in providing our staff with the vaccinations and opening a clinic with easy accessibility for our senior citizens. Additionally, our entire staff has always risen to the occasion when people needed help and this effort is no exception.”

  The MTES site will be open on Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings by appointment only. For more information, contact the office of senior services at 732-929-2091.