Manchester PTA Presents $5K in School Mini-Grants

Photo Courtesy Manchester Township School District

MANCHESTER – The Manchester Township PTA awarded 17 Mini-Grants totaling $5,000 to Manchester Township School District staff members at a recent Board of Education meeting.

PTA President Sarita Dodd presented the following grants:

Maryann Adams, High School, Standing Desk and Stool for $360

Stacie Ferrara, High School, Garden Supplies for $300

Michele Williamson, Manchester High School, Protein Synthesis Manipulative for $340

Jennifer Cognetta, Manchester High School, Geometry Curriculum Bundle for $395

Ashley Gawlik, Manchester High School, Clay Slab Roller for $485

Heather Staples, Manchester High School, Cyber Safety Workshop for $60

Dena Foote and Leslie Old, Manchester Elementary School, Grip Dynamometer for $133

John Portuese and Sue Dyer, Manchester Elementary School, Mile Club for $100

Alice McGlynn, Manchester Elementary School, Art Room Activity Center for $187

Liz Hahn, Manchester Elementary School, Hands-on Science for $308

Jill Moore, Manchester Elementary School, Active Seats for $429

Kelly Chinery and Tanya Froriep, Manchester Middle School, Language Arts Materials for $160

Traci Fuller, Regional Day School, Special Olympics Bowling Team Shirts for $250

Skip Peters, Regional Day School, Scroll Saw for $494

Lyn Spinelli, Ridgeway Elementary School, Speech Therapy Articulation Books for $165

Suzanne Cummings, Ridgeway Elementary School, Outdoor Classroom Weather Station for $375

Meagan Drapkin and Taylah Hingston, Whiting Elementary School, STEAM Maker Station Cart for $500

Dodd said that the PTA tries to bridge the gap between what the district can provide and additional items that could enhance the education of district students. She told the board that the PTA received requests totaling $15,000 and that their grant budget was only $5,000, making it very challenging for the PTA Grant Committee to choose from the many excellent applications.

Dodd congratulated all of the grant recipients and thanked the grant committee for a job well done.