Lakes Lowered For Cleaning

Lake Horicon in Lakehurst was lowered to clean out vegetation. (Photo by Adriana Starcic)

LAKEHURST – Local lakes have been lowered in order to clean them, officials said.

Lake Horicon in Lakehurst was lowered for general clean up and vegetative control, said David Winton, public works supervisor.

The lake is lowered every other year for maintenance, he added, stating that it will be refilled in January.

Photo by Adriana Starcic

Horicon isn’t the only local lake to be lowered for cleaning.


Harry Wright Lake in Manchester was also lowered to remove stumps and other vegetation that has been preventing the water from circulating, Manchester’s business administrator Donna Markulic said. If the water can’t move as frequently, it gets stagnant and heats up in the sun, forming conditions for bacteria to grow.

“Pine Lake has been closed for years and we don’t want that to happen to Harry Wright,” she said.

Harry Wright Lake is joined via underground pipes to another body of water at a lower elevation, she explained. There is a dam between them. When the lake needs to be drained, some of the boards forming the dam are removed, causing the lake to drain. The lake then refills naturally.

Photo by Adriana Starcic